About CITY100

Learn about the CITY100 project and how we collected our data.

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Development of this website was funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute to San Diego State University’s Dr. Joni Mayer, Principal Investigator (Grant # R01 CA093532-04-Dissemination Supplement).

The CITY100 dissemination phase team included Ms. Dalila Butler, Dr. Moshe Engelberg, Dr. Jean Forster, Dr. Debra Haire-Joshu, Ms. Katherine Hoerster, Dr. Joni Mayer, Ms. Nicole Pizzi, Ms. Debra Rubio, Dr. Jim Sallis, and Dr. Martin Weinstock.

We thank the MET Team for their incredible skills and professionalism in helping to build this website.

Cancer Connection

Learn about the myths and dangers associated with indoor tanning. 

You also can learn about former indoor tanners whose lives have been affected by skin cancer.

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Learn about our study’s general findings and recommendations for what can be done to reduce indoor tanning among youth.

You also can search for specific information about your city and state.

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What You Can Do

Learn about what you can do to help reduce indoor tanning by teens.

You can help out whether you are a reporter, health professional, policymaker, legislator, lobbyist, parent, or teen.

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